Gwinnett County Airport: Businessmen urge privatization

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A pair of airport business-men urged commissioners Tuesday to move forward with a proposal to privatize the Gwinnett County Airport.

Jimmy Norton, the former chairman of the airport authority, said the proposal to schedule commercial flights creates a huge economic benefit to residents.

He owns Air Harbor, and said he has invested millions into his lease space and paid fuel fees, ground lease payments and ad valorem taxes, as has Steve Limelin, the owner of Georgia Jet, who took the podium after Norton.

Limelin said the proposal from Propeller Investments could inject $100 million to improve the airport.

"The best part of all of this is it's going to be private dollars. It's not going to be government stimulus," he said.

Officials submitted a preapplication to the Federal Aviation Administration last week, seeking one of five slots for a pilot program that would allow privatization without subjecting the county to returning millions in grants to the FAA.

If the preapplication is approved, officials will begin a study process, including public comment.


rco1847 3 years, 4 months ago

The Commission is in possession of a worthless Proposal from an unworthy business entity. Entertaining that proposal is shameful. Their business track record is pathetic. Propeller has misrepresented themselves to the people and officials of Gwinnett County. We are under no obligation to consider a proposal from such an unreliable source and prolong this humiliating process. I'd sooner consider a proposal from Bernie Madoff. This BOC shoots themselves in the foot at every turn. They could and should have ended this farce long ago.

Don't privatize with untrustworthy buSINess partners.


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