Cops: Lost video game led to dog's stabbing

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Witnesses told police a Lawrenceville man bit a woman and stabbed her dog early Saturday morning.

Police arrested Ryan Campbell, 27, on charges of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor battery after responding to a domestic call at the Lakes Sweetwater Apartments in Lawrenceville about 3 a.m.

The female victim, 29, told police Campbell came home from work, engaged her in an argument and tried to physically push her out of their shared apartment. When she resisted, he bit her on her right hand, breaking the skin, according to a Gwinnett police report.

Campbell then accused the woman of stealing a video game he coveted and threatened to kill her dog if she didn't give it back, the report states.

When the victim insisted she didn't know where the game was, Campbell allegedly picked up the dog and stabbed it in the hind leg with a kitchen knife. The dog limped into some nearby woods as the victim called police and Campbell fled the scene, the report says.

Police apprehended Campbell near the leasing office and arrested him after questioning. He claimed the woman had attacked him, though police observed no injuries on his body, the report says.

He reportedly claimed to have no knowledge of the injured dog.

Animal Control officers evaluated the dog at the scene and transported it to the Eastside Animal Medical Center in Grayson for an examination.

Police officials were unsure of the wounded animal's breed Monday.

An officer tended to the female victim's bleeding hand, and she denied transport via ambulance to a hospital, the report says.

Campbell posted $14,150 bond a day after his arrest. A judge who granted bond stipulated he can have no contact with the victim.