LETTERS: Remember the truths about immigration

Advocates for illegal aliens continue on their rampage and continue in their lust to emasculate and destroy existing American immigration law. I would caution Americans to realize that radical organizations like ABLE and GALEO are about gaining political power, nothing more, in their lust to gain full and unlimited amnesty for the 12-30 million illegal aliens within our borders. Ditto for the NAACP and ACLU.

Citizens need to be reminded of the promises we were devoutly given to gain passage of the 1986 amnesty. We were promised that no more than 400,00 illegals would qualify but well over 3.2 million amnesties were actually granted. We were faithfully promised that internal employment laws would stop illegal immigration and that we would never see another amnesty. We all know about these lies don’t we?

And remember NAFTA? We were promised that by sending millions of American jobs to Mexico that there would be no further need for illegal immigration. We all know about this big lie too don’t we?

Forget meaningless political promises. Until and unless we have effective border enforcement and effective employment verification, no amnesties should ever be considered. We are inflicted with possibly the most corrupt political system this country has ever had and only solid actions, not promises, must be our standard.

— Ernest Wade, Loganville