PEOPLE IN BRIEF: O'Brien talks new TBS show

O'Brien talks new TBS show

Conan O'Brien says he can't wait to get back to having fun on television again.The comic touted his upcoming TBS talk show to an audience of advertisers Wednesday. He said it was his first time back in New York since NBC brought him in a year ago this week to promote his takeover of the ‘‘Tonight'' show.

O'Brien lasted a half year before leaving rather than move his time slot to accommodate Jay Leno.

He joked that his vision for the new show is to ‘‘pick up where ‘Hee Haw' left off,'' with corny jokes and old country music.

His TBS show begins in November.

US journalist confessed in N. Korean prison

An American journalist who was imprisoned in North Korea for months after briefly crossing into the reclusive country while reporting on the sex trade said she told interrogators in a ploy for mercy that she was trying to overthrow the government.

In her first televised interview since her August release, Laura Ling said on ‘‘The Oprah Winfrey Show'' that aired Tuesday that she was told the worst could happen if she didn't confess.

Ling said she drew suspicion because she worked for San Francisco-based Current TV, a media venture founded by former Vice President Al Gore.

‘‘I knew that that was the confession they wanted to hear and I was told if you confess there may be forgiveness and if you're not frank, if you don't confess, then the worst could happen,'' Ling said.

Ling and journalist Euna Lee, both of Los Angeles, were captured in March 2009.

Bret Michaels increasing rehabilitation

Rocker and reality television star Bret Michaels says he's increasing his rehabilitation to twice a day after suffering a brain hemorrhage last month.

Michaels said on Wednesday's episode of ‘‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,'' that he's still having trouble moving his lower extremities and has neck stiffness but that ‘‘each day gets better.''

The 47-year-old Michaels was recently released from a Phoenix hospital. He was admitted to a hospital April 22 complaining of a severe headache.