Recently reviewed films now playing in area theaters:

* Iron Man 2 (PG-13) More resembling the sequel to "Transformers" than its classy and original namesake, "IM2" is long on nervous-system crushing audio/visuals and short on what made the first so good: wit, character development, clever action scenes and a sinister villain. 2 stars -- Michael Clark

* Furry Vengeance (PG-13) Brendan Fraser hits an all-time low in this unfunny and often offensive action family comedy that adds insult to injury with its racial stereotyping and ham-fisted environmental grandstanding. This is easily the worst movie of 2010 so far. 0 stars -- MC

* The Square (R) Former stunt man Nash Edgerton makes his feature film directorial debut in this brilliant and near-perfect murder thriller set in his native Australia. After a botched arson, two illicit lovers attempt, without success, to cover their tracks. 31/2 stars -- MC

* Formosa Betrayed (R) A well-intended but ultimately inept attempt to mix the tumultuous history of Taiwan with a fact-based political thriller. Former "Dawson's Creek" stud James Van Der Beek puts his best stubble forward but can't make us ignore his shortcomings. 11/2 stars -- MC

* Date Night (PG-13) Tina Fey and Steve Carell ignore their wry chops and unwisely take the mainstream route in this intellectually inert, DOA romantic comedy action adventure. 1 star -- MC