Insulin drug study needs participants

ATLANTA — A drug that may potentially be the first to regulate insulin requirements for those suffering from Type I diabetes is seeking study participants from the metro Atlanta area.

Dr. Bruce Bode, who earned his doctorate of medicine at Emory University, is looking for participants between the ages of 18 and 35 to be studied while on a regimen of the drug teplizumab, which Bode hopes will help slow the progression of Type I diabetes.

Subjects, who must have had a recent onset of the disease, will be studied over a two-year period.

"We have a lot of enthusiasm about the teplizumab studies and their implications," Bode said in a release. "It is hoped that one day we can offer a new treatment option to help patients better manage their disease."

The third series of tests, Bode said, is aimed at determining if teplizumab can preserve pancreatic insulin production, which would make diabetes easier to manage.

According to the release, a small group of subjects in an earlier test were "noted to have improved function of the beta cells, improved glucose control and reduced insulin requirements."

For more information, visit www.protegediabetes.org/news, or call 1-866-874-2516.