Sex arrests continue at Kmart

BUFORD -- A Braselton man is the latest to be charged with soliciting sex at a Buford Kmart, marking the sixth man since March arrested on sex-related charges in the retailer's men's restroom.

Police arrested Michael K. Gordy, 32, on disorderly conduct charges May 11 for allegedly propositioning a loss-prevention officer in the men's restroom, the site of a police sting -- and three subsequent arrests -- in March.

Two Lawrenceville men were arrested in April on charges they were having sex in the same restroom at the 1605 Buford Highway retailer.

According to a Gwinnett police report, the loss-prevention officer followed Gordy into the restroom after noticing him "standing around" the door. The two were in neighboring stalls when Gordy began coughing and tapping his feet before proposing sex, the report states. The officer called 911.

Gordy told Gwinnett police he couldn't explain why he was compelled to visit the restroom and that he'd "made a big mistake" in doing so, the report states.

Similar allegations began in March, when police booked three Gwinnett men in an undercover sting, following an anonymous complaint of "lewd acts" occurring in the restroom, police said.

Gordy was released from the Gwinnett County Jail the day of his arrest.

A loss-prevention representative at the Buford store referred all questions to Kmart's corporate offices near Chicago. Officials there did not return a request for comment Monday.