Loganville passes $14 million budget

LOGANVILLE — City Council members voted Thursday to pass a $14 million-plus budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year, which runs from July 1 – June 30.

Public hearings held on May 7 and 10 gave residents opportunities to weigh in on critical budget decisions.

Councilman Mark Kiddoo, who serves as the city's finance chairman, thanked all the staff department heads who helped construct the new budget.

"Every year we ask then to do more with less, and every year they come through," said Kiddoo. "This year's budget is lean."

According to Kiddoo, $100,000, or 1.26 percent of the budget, was cut for the coming fiscal year.

Police chief gets OK to purchase vehicles

City leaders also voted Thursday to give police chief Mike McHugh the go-ahead to purchase two new police cruisers, at a cost of $29,500 each. Councilman Jerry Price said that the two cars will be purchased with funds set aside for that purpose in the current fiscal year budget.