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LETTERS: Cox gave Ivy a visit when local officials did not

As chairman of the board of the Georgia Charter School Association, I want to openly thank Superintendent Kathy Cox for visiting Ivy Prep and for her gracious and open-minded approach to charter schools.

It makes one wonder about our own local Gwinnett County board when one considers the fact that the state superintendent figured out a way to take three hours to visit the school and see what it is all about, while none of them nor the county superintendent visited the school during the nearly 1 1/2 years prior to their decision to sue Ivy Prep.

I was personally told by one of the Gwinnett School Board members, when I suggested that they visit Ivy Prep, that he "doesn't visit any schools."

Thank you, Kathy Cox. As I was also at the school, the last couple of days, for both your tour and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce tour, I know that you saw an environment and culture that needs to be replicated that will truly improve education in Georgia

Now we need to change the mentality — or persons — that stand in the way of fixing what is broken.

— BJ Van Gundy

Chairman, Georgia Charter School Association