Dacula delays audio/video purchase

DACULA -- City leaders voted 3-2 Thursday against purchasing a $2,800 audio/video system for Dacula City Council chambers.

Although they all agree on having the system, which includes computer monitors, a 50-inch plasma television, camcorder, tripod and other equipment, council members voted 2-2 on whether to purchase the system now.

Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks cast the tie-breaking vote, saying, "I'm afraid of the economic situation, and I want to hold on to our money."

Dacula cracks down on gambling machines

Council members also voted Thursday to approve changes to the city's Mechanical Amusement Devices Ordinance.

While the ordinance itself is really just a "shell of an ordinance," according to City Attorney Dennis Still, the purpose of the content is to make clear to city business owners that gambling machines for public use will not be tolerated. The new ordinance is modeled after the state law.

"We've had very few (gambling machines) in the city, but we want people to know we're keeping an eye on them," said Wilbanks.