Radiation centers keep strict guidelines

LAWRENCEVILLE — The Food and Drug Administration has urged health care leaders to raise the bar when it comes to radiation therapy safety, and Radiotherapy Centers of Georgia agrees.

The organization, with offices in Lawrenceville and Snellville, says it already does so.

"We adhere to the strictest quality assurance metrics," said Dr. Philip Shrake, the Gwinnett medical director for RCOG. "Each step in the treatment process is analyzed to reduce treatment error and ensure patient safety."

Last month, the FDA issued a letter to 93 makers of radiation treatment devices, stating that it had received almost 1,200 complaints in the last decade about devices that over-dosed, under-dosed or misaligned while treating cancer patients.

Shrake stressed that patients at Gwinnett branches of RCOG have nothing to be worried about.

"We're committed to providing patients with the most advanced technology and state of the art equipment available," he said. "Our team receives comprehensive training and completes certification programs to ensure accurate dosage and deliver of radiation therapy at all of our locations."

According to the FDA, the most frequent problems reported were computer software issues.

"FDA believes these steps and early communication between the FDA and manufacturers will help mitigate current risks," the organization's letter read.