LETTERS: Opposition to Arizona law much ado about nothing new on books

There appear to be a lot of people talking who should have been reading in reference to the recent Arizona immigration law. This law authorizes law enforcement agencies to do nothing more than is currently codified in federal law, the only difference being that that federal authorities are not serious about enforcing existing immigration laws whereas the state feels a dire need to enforce border controls. Over a quarter of a million illegals cross the Arizona border yearly. The civil war between the drug dealers and the Mexican government is spilling over the border into Arizona, whose capitol is now the kidnapping capital of the Western Hemisphere.

Contrary to popular belief, the Arizona law does not authorize arbritary questioning in regard to ones nationality — this must first have resulted from an unrelated possible legal offense that is followed by police intervention. Only if the resulting investigation results in a reasonable cause to question one's legal status can this be raised as an issue.

Equal protection of the law and racial profiling have no applicability here. Opponents of this law conveniently ignore this "prior cause" requirement to include President Barack Obama, who has declared, "Now suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed." My answer to that is not so unless you are caught speeding or rob a bank, etc., while enroute to get the ice cream.

There is no substancial difference between how the Arizona law deals with illegals and the procedures employed by the Gwinnett County sheriff. Both require a prior apparent commission of an unrelated offense. The synthetic hysteria being generated by Democrats and others with an axe to grind are designed to shore up their Latino base as is their obvious lack of desire to enforce our immigration laws.

Nothing will be done to correct our alien mess until our border with Mexico is brought under conrol by acting against illegal aliens who by definition are here illegally and who will continue to violate out borders as long as we largely ignore their presence. Troops on the border is the obvious answer, but that might jeopordize Obama's re-election chances.

— Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain