IN BRIEF: School locked down to find missing student

School locked down to find missing student

DULUTH — Hull Middle School was locked down for about 30 minutes Monday afternoon while school officials searched for a student who left campus, a school system spokesman said.

The student was located, but spokesman Jorge Quintana said he did not know exactly where the student was found. A parent of the student was notified and came to the school.

Quintana said the lock down did not affect dismissal.

Woman accused of operating unlicensed bar

BUFORD — A recent shindig on Coles Mill Road in Buford landed a 60-year-old woman behind bars, police said.

Authorities arrested Shirley Jean Force on charges she harbored an illegal ruckus on her property Wednesday night.

Force is charged with misdemeanor maintaining a disorderly house for selling alcohol at an unlicensed bar, blasting music and "allowing the use of controlled substances in her home," according to her arrest warrant.

Lesser charges include selling alcohol without a license, business registration violation, sale of distilled spirits on premises and excessively loud noise.

Force posted $4,020 bond and was released from jail.

— From staff reports