POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Dozens put their name in election ring

Camie Young

Camie Young

Last week, dozens of politicians stepped forward to run for office. Some challenged incumbents, others sought new terms and many are vying to replace outgoing lawmakers.

The moves are too numerous to recount fully in the pages of the Daily Post, other than to round up July and November ballots.

But here is a look at what the politicians said in press releases sent out throughout the week.

Tom Parrott, R, candidate for U.S. House District 7: "We must take our country back from the insidious grips of totally self-serving career politicians who mask as public servants."

Rob Woodall, R, candidate for U.S. House District 7: "I have dedicated my professional and personal life to that of service, and that is the theme of this campaign. I want people to know that if you stand with Team Woodall, know that service to and for the people is the mantra with which you stand."

Clay Cox, R, candidate for U.S. House District 7: "I see our president and our congressional leaders spending this country into bankruptcy and borrowing from China to spend more. We deserve better, our children deserve better and I know this country can do better."

Chuck Efstration, R, candidate for U.S. House District 7: "No country has ever taxed and regulated its way to prosperity, but unfortunately, this seems to be the reckless path chosen by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and the Washington establishment. As a congressman, I will focus like a laser to promote job creation and cut federal spending."

Joe Anderson, R, candidate for Ga. Senate District 9: "My experience in local government and as a small business owner will enable me to better serve my Lord, my country, my state and my community at the state Capitol."

Travis Bowden, candidate for Ga. Senate District 9: "Gwinnett County deserves better than legislators who push to raise college tuition for students, advocate causes for special interests and ignore their constituency."

Wayne Hill, R, candidate for Ga. House District 98: "There is a tremendous need for strong leadership that keeps up the fight to bring in new jobs, work to eliminate the income tax, preserve Lake Lanier as our water resource and get our fair share to improve traffic congestion. There is a real energy and need for the effective, conservative solutions we have and the commitment we bring for Gwinnett's hard-working families."

Buzz Brockway, R, candidate for Ga. House District 101: "The government must get out of the way and create opportunities for businesses to get moving again. Businesspeople will dig us out of this recession, not government."

Steve Allen, R, candidate for Ga. House District 102: "You can't win by standing totally on ideology. You have to have core principles, but you have to look at what works and what doesn't."

Timothy Swiney, R, candidate for Ga. House District 102: "Our party has held the governorship for eight years and both the Senate and House since 2004. Still, Georgia's tax code is little better than the IRS. Georgians have had enough of the 'FairTax' carrot and stick routine that gets hauled out every election cycle. It's time for significant tax reform that insures every Georgian, regardless of legal status, will share an equal tax responsibility."

Valerie Clark, R, candidate for Ga. House District 104: "The state of Georgia cannot continue to fail in crafting effective solutions. Our economic progress depends on plans that will ease traffic woes for families and workers."

Warren Auld, R, candidate for Ga. House District 106: "My sole focus is to put the people back in charge of their government, and that is really hitting home with the people of Gwinnett. I am asking for voters' support so that I can cut spending, lower taxes and increase accountability at all levels of state government. I am dedicated to making that mission a reality for the benefit of all of our hard-working families."

John Heard, R, candidate for Gwinnett County Commission District 4: "Knowing how to govern, treating constituents with courtesy and respect, and sticking to Republican principles will be the hallmark of my campaign and service. These are tough economic times and just saying no to everything won't work. I have the proven effective leadership ability to balance a budget without raising taxes and provide real-time, honest solutions to the traffic problem."

Political notebook appears in the Thursday and Sunday editions of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

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