Relationships set to song in Red Clay's latest production

From the groove of a dancer's hips rocking rhythmically from side to side to the grace of another's arms stretched wide to express the lyrics to a song, these stories are told in movement and music.

The theatrical dance production "I Tune Into Love" delves into the emotions of human relationships, from joy to heartbreak and everything in between, as three couples express themselves through movement set to song.

Guided by an unseen narrator, audiences are invited to follow these couples -- one married, another engaged and the third dating -- as they experience infidelity, boredom, abuse and self discovery.

"The dancers convey everything through their body language, through their movement, their dance, all types of dance styles," said Angelica Leontyne Ware, artistic director and choreographer for "I Tune Into Love." "It's better sometimes to not say anything and just feel the vibe from someone."

The production debuted in October at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth and will return for a second engagement this weekend.

Ware herself will dance the role of Mrs. Jones, who in seeking attention from her husband strays from their relationship.

"We wanted to tell a story that some couples might be able to relate to," Ware said. "By telling the story through dance and movement, the audience will be able to feel every emotion through the body language of each dancer. Sometimes you don't have to say a word to tell someone how you feel.

The stories will play out on the Red Clay Theatre stage during two performances this weekend. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.oneproductions.org.