Church set to perform Easter drama "3 nails"

BUFORD -- Where did the three nails used to pin Jesus' hands and feet to a wooden cross come from?

In this Easter drama, a shop owner realizes too late that a trio of old, rusty nails purchased by a Roman soldier are intended to be used to crucify the man who healed his disabled son.

When trying to buy the nails back doesn't work, the shop owner's desperation and fear puts himself and his family at risk.

The First Pentecostal Church of Buford will present "The 3 Nails" during two performances this Easter weekend.

After lamenting his dire circumstances and witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus, shop owner Joshua finds a miracle.

"As this economically depressed time unfolds, we hope that '3 Nails' will relate to and encourage those that perhaps feel defeated and handicapped in certain areas of their life," said William Voan, with Buford FPC. "Like Joshua and his family, we believe that there is an experience that will transform and revolutionize a life through the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Buford FPC will present the drama at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Admission is $5 and reservations are recommended. Child care will be provided. For ticket information, call 770-271-8979 or e-mail kathrynrl13@yahoo.com.