LETTERS: Daily Post putting too much focus on canines

What is going on with the Gwinnett Daily Post? Everytime I pick up the paper there seems to be a front page article about dogs. Just this past week there have been at least three such articles not only on the front page but "above the fold." One was about a dog getting shot in the paw — did this really need to be on the front page? Another was about an animal rescue organization that specializes in large white dogs and now Saturday I pick up the paper and the front page article is about stray dogs and their interaction with county inmates.

Now I don't have anything against dogs, but I see an alarming trend in this country that is starting to blur the lines between animal life and human life. Your paper is contributing to this. If I want to read about dogs, I will subscribe to a newspaper dedicated to dogs. But for now I would appreciate the Gwinnett Daily Post concentrating on stories relating to the human residents of this dynamic county and not dedicating ink and space to beings less than that.

— Todd Evans