Police find $130K in bogus items

DULUTH -- Two recent undercover investigations by Gwinnett police have found more than $130,000 in counterfeit merchandise being sold at Discover Mills Mall, officials said Monday.

The retailers in question are a store called Bags & More and a kiosk called the Jewelry Castle, police said. Three arrests have been made in the separate investigations.

Members of Gwinnett police vice unit executed a search warrant at Bags & More on March 18 after an undercover officer had purchased a phony Chanel handbag there a few days prior, said Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. David Schiralli.

Police confiscated more than $57,000 in counterfeit merchandise and arrested two workers -- Nadir Nathajiwani, 52, and Nadir Neermeen Jiwani, 50, both of Lawrenceville, Schiralli said.

A separate investigation led to the March 18 arrest of Mia Park Jarvis, 51, of Norcross, who was selling nearly $80,000 in faux merchandise at the Jewelry Castle, according to her arrest warrant.

Merchandise at the kiosk included Coach handbags, Louis Vuitton necklaces, Apple Bottom earrings, Diesel handbags and other offerings that weren't authentic, police said.

The suspects face charges of forging/counterfeiting trademarks and theft of copy rights. All have since bonded out of the Gwinnett County Jail.

Karl Woodard, general manager of Discover Mills, said mall officials don't manage the daily operations of individual businesses but expect them to provide quality goods and services for customers.

"We do not condone the selling of unlawful merchandise," Woodard said in a release, "and (we) are cooperating fully with Gwinnett County police."