LETTERS: Medicare's deterioration is change you can believe in

Those people who call me lucky because I am on Medicare really don't have a clue. First, we Medicare recipients really don't have a choice because all group medical plans will dump you in Medicare the minute you turn 65. Yes, we oldsters may receive medical care, but to dispel contrary thoughts, it ain't free and it doesn't cover all Medicare procedures you may actually need. Having supplemental health insurance is irrelevant because Medicare determines total reimbursements. You can be sure doctors do not normally discuss all possible medical options not covered by Medicare. I am glad for you seniors who are happy with your primary care doctors but understand that you likely cannot change doctors because many have shuttered the door against new senior patients.

And for you people who are approaching Medicare or who want to change doctors, be aware that an increasing number of doctors will not accept new Medicare patients and some, like my current doctor, is demanding a $2,000 annual "retainer" to keep seeing me as a patient. And the number of doctors who will treat Medicare patients is rapidly decreasing and will grow much worse when Obamacare decreases Medicare reimbursements as his plan promises. I had to call seven medical practices before I could find an unknown one-doctor practice who would accept me. Frankly, I am scared.

For all you liberals out there who embrace Obamacare and you normal people who voted against Bush simply because your tights were in a wad, I hope you will soon be inflicted with the evils of this plan which is of course "Change You Can Believe In."

— Ernest Wade