LETTERS: Residents deserve choice in trash plan

I'm a Gwinnett property owner and I have a few thoughts about the new Gwinnett County solid waste management plan:

All houses, even vacant ones, will be billed for garbage pick up even though these houses do not generate garbage. What about the many houses that have been vacant for months, some even years, that were foreclosed on?

I want to see Gwinnett County try to collect the garbage fee from the bank. That just won't happen. And rental houses that sit vacant between tenants don't generate garbage and should not be billed for the vacant time. And when they are rented and the tenant has a problem with the garbage hauler, then the owner of the home has to intervene, adding another layer of bureaucracy to an already-troubled garbage plan.

Also, people who own businesses in Gwinnett have Dumpsters or garbage pickup at their place of business and can easily add their household garbage, but you want to add garbage costs to their home property tax bill also.

Don't you know we've all turned against Washington and their ideas of "change" that the government taking care of us from the womb to the tomb? Now it's happening in Gwinnett with your saying: "We know what's best for you."

Government option? We're sick of it. We want a choice in matters. We deserve a choice.

— Betty Stephens