Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

• A Prophet (R) Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar, this French-produced crime thriller recalls "The Shawshank Redemption" and the first two installments of "The Godfather" trilogy. Even with a convoluted and slow middle part, it is a vital and must-see film. 3 stars — Michael Clark

• Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) As with last year's "Where the Wild Things Are," this adaptation of a popular children's book proves to be highly problematic. Rampant bathroom humor and a patently unlikable lead character go far in canceling out the few positive attributes. 2 stars — MC

• Repo Men (R) Jude Law and Forest Whitaker play the title characters in this very uneven and excessively violent science-fiction adventure. "Blade Runner" bleakness meets "Fight Club" black comedy and if not for its mind-bending ending, it all would be a total bust. 2 stars — MC

• Alice in Wonderland (PG) Director Tim Burton's update of the classic Lewis Carroll fable is about what you'd expect from him: spectacularly trippy visuals, sardonic humor and just enough peril to push it into adult and out of family viewing territory. 3 stars — MC

• Brooklyn's Finest (R) For the quasi-follow-up to his far superior "Training Day," director Antoine Fuqua changes coasts and attempts, without success, to emulate Sidney Lumet and Martin Scorsese. A weak story and low production values only add to the misery. 2 stars — MC

• Cop Out (R) Even with the occasional sardonic flourish from director-for-hire Kevin Smith, the aptly titled "Cop Out" sputters and stalls from start to finish. Wanting so bad to be an update of '80s cop-buddy action/comedies, it is unfocused, slow and unfunny. 11/2 stars — MC