Hudgens Center to host Family Day event

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

DULUTH -- Collaboration is key in this artistic endeavor.

The Hudgens Center for the Arts will host a Family Day event Saturday during which guests can assist in creating large-scale abstract expressionist paintings.

"(Abstract expressionism) is an art movement that was sort of pioneered by Jackson Pollock, and the act of making is just as important as what you're making," said Angela Nichols, director of education for The Hudgens Center. "He did what's called action painting where he would lay these huge canvases on the floor and have buckets from which he would splatter paint."

Those who attend the Family Day event are invited to try their hands at action painting. Five large canvasses will be laid out on the floor of the center, on which guests can experience the art of spontaneous, automatic and subconscious creation.

Before guests begin painting, Hudgens Center staff will introduce them to examples of abstract paintings, including work by Georgia artist Herbert Creecy on display in the Fowler Gallery, and discuss ways to make marks and apply materials to the canvas.

"(Creecy) actually often used an air compressor to move paint around on the canvas and get these interesting flowy marks in the paint," Nichols said. "(Guests will) use what they see (in his paintings and others) as sort of a jumping off point to participate in the collaborative paintings."

Each of the paintings will be donated to the five schools with the Peachtree Ridge cluster for display. Plaques listing the names of all contributing artists will accompany each piece.

For more information on The Hudgens Center's Family Day event, call 770-623-6002 or visit www.thehudgens.org.