Venture Value Cinemas to show classic 'Wizard of Oz'

DULUTH -- Gwinnett residents have the opportunity to see the classic film "The Wizard of Oz" on the big screen.

Venture Value Cinemas in Duluth will present the 1939 film during a two-week engagement beginning March 26.

"Venture 12 decided when the film came available to book it," said Ray Martin, head of operations. "It's very rare you get to see a classic movie on the big screen for 2 bucks."

Judy Garland stars as a Kansas girl caught up in a tornado that lands her in the fantasy world of Oz, where she is accompanied by colorful characters in finding her way back home.

Venture Value Cinemas is at 3750 Venture Drive in Duluth. For more information, call 678- 957-9545 or visit www.venturecinema12.com.