Byars, Silver speak out against trash plan

Commission candidates are going bananas over the latest decision by commissioners to approve a trash plan limiting vendors able to operate in an area.

District 2 candidate Robert Lee Byars posted a video on his campaign Web site, www.robertbyars.com, chastising the board for failing to listen to the resident uproar on the topic.

"The Board of Commissioners should listen to us -- the people who pay their salaries. We want a choice. We want a smaller, less intrusive government," the Democrat seeking Bert Nasuti's seat said.

Ron Silver, a Republican running for District 4, was also upset by the decision.

"Once again the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is jamming more government control down the throats of its citizens. 'If our commissioners really believe this is going to stop illegal dumping, then I have a great buy on a bridge. Somewhere I read that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions.' In reality, all this is going to do is grow the bureaucracy that's already out of control and nothing to stop the illegal dumping."

He suggested putting Dumpsters at local fire stations to give people the opportunity to throw away things like tires and yard trash.

Hunter launches Web site

One of Silver's competitors in the July primary has launched a Web site.

Tommy Hunter said voters can read his "straightforward, common sense commentary" at www.tommyhunter2010.com.

"The information on the site goes a long way toward explaining how I feel about the issues facing us -- for example, how the budget should be handled; how tax rates should be formulated; and my integrated plan to help lessen the impact of the cost of government on our citizens," Hunter said, adding that the Web site allows residents to contact him about questions and issues.

A third candidate in that race, which will determine long-time Commissioner Kevin Kenerly's successor, is former state Rep. John Heard.

Another key endorsement for Cox

While Snellville is Don Balfour's home base, the city's mayor is casting his support to Clay Cox in the 7th Congressional District race.

"I am proud to support someone with (state) Rep. Clay Cox's integrity and work ethic," Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer said in a press release. "Rep. Cox will be a true servant of the people who will work collaboratively with local community leaders to meet the needs of our constituents. We desperately need more leaders like Clay in Congress who leave the ego at the door and focus on getting the job done."

Cox pointed out in the release that Balfour, a powerful state senator, represents Snellville in the General Assembly.

"The 7th District has been the focus of my life and work from my childhood, to my career in business, to my service in the Georgia General Assembly," Cox said. "This is another of many endorsements from community leaders tired of being bullied by government. I will be a voice for our conservative values and local control in Congress."

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