Ladies of 'League' crunch the numbers

Photo by Photo Credit: Darren Michaels

Photo by Photo Credit: Darren Michaels

For the female stars of "She's Out of My League," the characteristics that tip the rating scale toward a 10 for romantic potential are simple: funny, talented and handy around the house.

"We've collectively decided those are our three things," said Krysten Ritter, who plays the brutally honest, foul-mouthed friend Patty to Eve's nice-girl Molly in the newly released romantic comedy about an average guy who catches the eye of a gorgeous and successful woman.

He's a "5" and she's a "hard 10." A romantic situation too good to be true?

Kirk, played by Jay Baruchel, thinks so, and so do his family and friends.

While the scale gauging romantic potential wasn't an essential part of the filming, Eve said, it has become what Ritter calls a genius marketing tactic.

"To translate, I guess, the concept that Kirk felt insecure to go out with Molly, the number system has taken on more importance," Eve said.

And good looks, while of marginal importance, don't make a 10.

"The number system has a bunch of different factors," Eve said. "Money, fast cars, if you're a rock star ... if you have self-confidence, if you're honest, so it's like a whole bunch of different things."

For Eve, being cast as the "hard 10" Molly was flattering but somewhat daunting.

"I've never felt under so much pressure in my entire life," she said. "It's an incredibly tenuous position to be in."

For Kirk, his family and friends' preoccupation with the disparities between his romantic potential and Molly's make overcoming the five-point spread daunting.

Despite the comedic take on Kirk's plight as a 5 and the hilarious banter between the eccentric characters surrounding him and Molly, the rom of the rom-com designation still stands.

"(The love story is) definitely in the center of the film," Eve said. "It begins and ends it."

"The love story is definitely the through line for the movie," Ritter agreed. "All the other characters weave in and out and hilarity ensues around it."

Find out if love can overcome a five-point spread as "She's Out of My League" opens in theaters today.