WORLD IN BRIEF: Quake strikes Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A magnitude-6.5 undersea earthquake shook the western shore of Indonesia's Sumatra island on Friday, causing panic but no casualties or damage, an official said.

The quake struck late at night 74 miles southeast of Pagai Selatan, an island off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency official Gian Ginanjar said.

The quake struck 6 miles beneath the Indian Ocean bed. There was no tsunami potential, he said.

Red Cross is latest victim of drug wars

MEXICO CITY -- Red Cross clinics in some parts of Mexico are refusing to treat [eople wounded by gunshots after finding themselves caught in the drug war, with cartel hit men intercepting ambulances to seize patients and even killing a Red Cross worker this week.

Miguel Angel Valdez, director of operations for the Red Cross in the Gulf coast city of Tampico, said he implemented the policy after gunmen this week forced an ambulance over at gunpoint just two blocks from a Red Cross clinic and dragged off a man wounded in a gun battle.

''We have made the decision at the (local) Red Cross not to accept patients from prisons or wounded in armed clashes, because that puts the safety of our personnel at risk,'' he said.

In drug-plagued Sinaloa state on the Pacific coast, police started escorting ambulances and guarding Red Cross clinics after a Red Cross dispatcher was killed Sunday in crossfire by assailants who followed a wounded man to a clinic to finish him off.

Somali pirates in shootouts

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Signaling a new offensive mind-set, international military officials vowed Friday to fight the pirates as swarms of Somalis moved into the waters off East Africa. Four shootouts with pirates showed that high-seas attacks are intensifying with the end of the monsoon season.

Nearly half the 47 ships hijacked off Somalia last year were taken in March and April -- the most dangerous months of the year for ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

In the most serious skirmish Friday, six pirates attacked a vessel before breaking off and chasing a French fishing boat.