Carnival workers in hot water over fire hydrant

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Arrest warrants have been issued for two men associated with a traveling carnival that police say stole water from Gwinnett County.

A Gwinnett police officer conducting a code violation check Wednesday found six or seven camping trailers belonging to the carnival hooked to a fire hydrant, police said.

The hydrant, located at 1119 Braselton Highway in Lawrenceville, belongs to the Gwinnett County Water Department. The carnival is being set up near Discover Mills Mall, said Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. David Schiralli.

"The staff was using the water to temporarily supply their camping trailers until they left," he said.

Police brought charges of tampering with a public utility against a carnival supervisor, Michael Engel, 28, of New York, and an employee, Matthew Matus, 38, of Florida.

Jail records indicate Matus formerly lived at an address near the hydrant.

Police arrested Matus on Thursday. He posted $1,300 bond and was released later that day. Engel has not been arrested.