LETTERS: BOC involvement in trash collection is a rotten idea

Gwinnett County commissioners, you sure are intent on throwing your political careers in your government mandated garbage cans.

Having Mr. Bovos and Mr. Sorenson speak for you concerning the new trash plan ("Board to mull new trash plan," Feb. 27, Page 1A) doesn't change the fact that this will your plan.

The residents of Gwinnett County have already said that we do not want government-run garbage service for several reasons.

• We feel capable of choosing which company collects our trash and hauls it to the dump.

• It will absolutely cost us more money with Gwinnett County acting as a middle man. With you collecting the fees, it will take more paperwork and more labor, and therefore more taxes to pay for your service.

• What happens to all the companies that you are putting out of business?

Once again, we do not want the Board of Commissioners involved in our personal garbage.

— Keith and Sue Halderman