POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Conway endorses Hill in House race

Camie Young

Camie Young

Sheriff Butch Conway is getting involved in yet another political battle this July.

The popular lawman is endorsing Wayne Hill, who served as chairman for 12 years before losing the job in 2004. He is now seeking a state House seat in northern Gwinnett.

"I've known and worked with Wayne Hill for years," Conway said in a press release issued Monday. "I can think of no one better to represent us down at the State Capitol. We need someone who is ready on day one to look out for our interests."

Conway and Hill butted heads occasionally during both of their long tenures in office, but Hill said he is proud to have the sheriff support his campaign for District 98.

"Butch Conway has provided solid leadership for the people of Gwinnett County, and we have all benefited from his service," Hill said. "I am proud to have Sheriff Conway's endorsement, and I have pledged to provide a strong voice for our public safety community."

Hill said there is a need for a conservative representative who will make sure public safety officials get the resources they need. He pledged to strengthen the ability of law enforcement to combat gang and drug crimes as well as fight illegal immigration.

"Together, I know that we can greatly enhance the outstanding efforts of our county police and deputies to better protect our families and businesses," the Suwanee man said. "That is a key reason why I am seeking to serve in the State House."

Efstration town hall

to talk about 'liberal


Tonight, congressional candidate Chuck Efstration will host a townhall meeting to talk about "liberal legislation" that goes into effect today, including provisions of the federal health care reform, Georgia's hospital tax and the Gwinnett County garbage plan.

"In the free market, consumers are able to pick the business that provides the best service at the lowest price," an e-mail about the town hall meeting said. "Our nation was founded on this principle and it has produced the most vibrant economy in the history of the world. However, some local governments believe that they know better than consumers. I wish I was referring to Massachusetts or California. Unfortunately, I am talking about Gwinnett County, Georgia."

Appearing in tonight's town hall meeting, which is set for 6 p.m. at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, is Virginia Galloway, the Georgia director of Americans for Prosperity.

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