LETTERS: Airport expansion will affect many more than those living next door

Dustin Greene seems to think that only a “few people” live near the airport or in a flight path (“Expanded airport needed for an area the size of Gwinnett,” June 25, Page 8A).

I don’t live “near” the airport. I live approximately eight miles away and am in one of the flight paths. At times we have had jets screaming over our house. I am quite sure more than a “few people” live between me and the airport. Increased air traffic will affect many more people than those who live in close proximity to Briscoe Field. A flight path can cover a large area and affect more than a “few people.”

I’d also like to ask Mr. Greene how he would propose getting traffic in and out of Briscoe. At times, traffic is already gridlocked on parts of Ga. Highway 316. Sometimes traveling from Riverside Parkway to Hi Hope Road can take 30 minutes. Georgia Gwinnett College, located at Collins Hill Road, is growing and adding more students each semester, adding additional vehicles to the mix.

I do agree with Mr. Greene on one point. Let’s put it to the voters.

— Cindy Lail