LETTERS: Expanded airport needed for an area the size of Gwinnett

Opposition to Briscoe Field expansion has made headlines in multiple metro papers. With all due to respect to the few people who live near the airport, a commercial airport in Gwinnett County would be nothing short of a game-changer for our county.

Every city across our nation remotely close to Atlanta’s size has two major airports. We have one, and it’s at least an hour from here on a good day, without traffic. I’d rather drive to Nashville, Chattanooga or Birmingham to fly than navigate to and through Hartsfield-Jackson.

Gwinnett needs growth, but good growth. Light rail would just make us more of an extension of Atlanta and not necessarily fuel positive economic growth. An airport would put us on the map and benefit just about every one of us, less the few in the direct flight path.

Let’s do this the democratic way — put the facts on the table and put it to vote. I’m predicting a vote of 99 percent yes.

— Dustin Greene