The following students recently graduated from Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law: Jennifer Paige Friend of Lawrenceville, Anna Christian Ledford of Lawrenceville, Kyle Joseph Vits of Snellville, Joan Marie McCallum of Norcross and Ankur Pankaj Trivedi of Duluth.

Elizabeth Neil of Norcross was one of 665 students to participate in the spring 2010 commencement ceremony at Messiah College. Neil earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Bethany Willett of Dacula recently graduated with a master’s degree in teaching from Pace University.

Lisa Ngu of Suwanee was named to the dean’s list at Tufts University for the spring 2010 semester.

The following students earned Faculty Honors at Georgia Tech:

Adrian Amador of Lawrenceville, Shereka Banton of Stone Mountain, Andrea Barret of Snellville, Rachel Beauchamp of Dacula, John Bentley of Lawrenceville, Luke Bentley of Lawrenceville, LKindsey Cooke of Lawrenceville, Stephanie Deloach of Lawrenceville, Patrick Di Rito of Norcross, Andrew Dicks of Lawrenceville, Adam Dixon of Suwanee, Bradley Dolphyn of Buford, Charles Dexler of Lawrenceville, Austin Foote of Lilburn, Pamelasara Head of Snellville, Soleen Karim of Lilburn, Pamela Kerr of Suwanee, Sang Beom Kim of Lilburn, Jenifer Lareer of Stone Mountain, Luke Li of Norcross, Lindsey Lofgren of Norcross, Georgie Macon of Suwanee, Zachary Meeks of Dacula, Karthik Narayan of Duluth, Nabila Nazarali of Lilburn, Jared Pallas of Grayson, Stephen Pety of Duluth, Timothy Philip of Lilburn, Pranav Ramesh of Lilburn, Micahel Riesterer of Duluth, Joshua Rosner of Snellville, Rabbia Saeed of Snellville, Candice Sherwood of Stone Mounain, Shadeah Suleiman of Suwanee, Ivan Tibavinsky of Lawrenceville, Ilya Tulei of Lawrenceville, Jacob Tzegaegbe of Snellville and Arind Vosough of Grayson.

The following students earned degrees from Samford University during the spring 2010 commencement ceremony:

Sharna S. Ettinoffe of Snellville, Margaret B. McDaris of Snellville, Patrick R. McLendon of Snellville, Christian M. Westbrook of Snellville, Heather M. Burke of Suwanee, Kelsey L. Jones of Suwanee, Farah M. Shackleford of Suwanee, Sarah E. Pritchard of Duluth, Walton E. Reed of Duluth, John T. Benton of Lilburn, Lana J. Card of Lilburn, Shaila A. Ali of Lilburn and Megan E. Mitcheler of Dacula.