WORLD IN BRIEF: Leaders facing worries about rising deficits

Leaders facing worries about rising deficits

TORONTO -- World leaders trickled into Canada's largest city on Thursday for global economic talks, but their resolve seemed less focused than at earlier meetings held in the fearful atmosphere of the worst downturn since the 1930s. New leaders in Australia, Japan and Britain could alter the dynamics.

With recoveries in their countries proceeding at starkly different paces, leaders of the 20 largest industrial and developing nations found themselves at odds over how to strike the right balance between continued government stimulus spending and confronting ballooning budget deficits. Divisons also persisted on proposals for a global bank tax and over how much multinational banks should be required to keep on reserve as a cushion against loan losses.

Medvedev, Obama say they patched rift

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama declared Thursday that he and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have ''succeeded in resetting'' the relationship between the former Cold War adversaries that had dipped to a dangerous low in recent years.

Obama directly acknowledged differences in some areas, such as Moscow's tensions with neighboring Georgia, but said ''we addressed those differences candidly.'' And he announced that the U.S. and Russia had agreed to expand cooperation on intelligence and the counterterror fight and worked on strengthening economic ties between the nations.

French court gives cannibal 30 years in jail

ROUEN, France -- A French court on Thursday convicted a man dubbed ''the cannibal of Rouen'' of killing his cellmate and eating part of the man's lung and sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

The court ruled that 39-year-old Nicolas Cocaign may not benefit from early release until he's served 20 years. It also ordered that he receive psychiatric treatment.

The conviction and sentence was in line with the state prosecutor's request. Prosecutor Elisabeth Pelsez said she did not seek a life sentence, the maximum in France, because experts said the defendant was mentally unstable.

Cocaign was charged with murder and acts of barbarism at the trial in the Normandy city of Rouen.