PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Fans plan remembrances for Jackson

Fans plan remembrances for Jackson

NEW YORK -- A year ago, DJ John Quick was scheduled to spin at a party when he got the news -- Michael Jackson was dead.

So instead of playing the hits of the moment, the Harlem event turned into an impromptu tribute to the King of Pop.

''It was the first time I've ever seen grown people crying and dancing at the same time,'' he said.

Today, the first anniversary of the King of Pop's death, Quick will once again play Michael Jackson tunes, at the club Taj in Manhattan, but he expects a more cheerful party this time.

''They wanna celebrate his life and music,'' he said. ''His albums are like timelines in your life. You can remember what you were doing ... when 'Thriller' came out.''

The Taj party will be part of the global celebration of Jackson's brilliant but troubled life. Jackson died at age 50 as he was preparing for comeback concerts in London.

In that city, a memorial was unveiled Thursday to a gaggle of press who packed the foyer of London's Lyric Theatre, the site of an impromptu wake following the pop superstar's death last year.

Perri Luc Kiely, 14, a member of the dance troupe Diversity, pulled back a pair of dark purple curtains to reveal a small plaque featuring a young Jackson with a wide, beaming smile. Applause and the bright flashes of cameras erupted.

Judge orders actress to answer queries

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Lindsay Lohan will have to answer more questions about a 2007 car chase that landed her in jail, including inquiries about drug use at the time, a judge ruled Thursday.

Lohan's answers will be used in a civil lawsuit filed against the actress by a woman who claims she suffered emotional distress after the incident, which prompted a criminal case that still haunts the ''Mean Girls'' star.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard A. Stone ordered Lohan to sit for a two-hour deposition next month. The judge approved a request by Lohan's attorney to allow the questioning to happen after July 6, when a criminal judge will decide whether Lohan violated her probation by missing a court hearing in May.