Audit: Removing lamps, fridges can save GCPS $698K

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett County Public Schools is hoping employees will pull the plug.

Energy audits identified a way for the state's largest school district to save about $698,000 a year -- remove personal desk and floor lamps and compact refrigerators from classrooms and offices.

By doing this, the audits conducted by utility providers found the district could see "immediate and significant savings," GCPS spokesman Jorge Quintana said.

The school system asked local school leaders to participate in the no-cost savings initiative starting this summer, Quintana said. To help accommodate the needs of employees and students, the school system is suggesting full-sized refrigerators be located in centralized locations on the school campus, such as teacher workrooms, instead.

In addition, the district is asking employees to turn off lights and computers and unplug all nonessential electronic equipment at the end of each day, Quintana said.

"These energy initiatives will help to raise awareness, reduce consumption, save money and protect the environment," Quintana said.