GOVERNOR: Dubose Porter, Democrat

NAME: DuBose Porter

PARTY: Democrat

SEEKING: Governor

1. Why are you seeking your office?

Education is why I am running for Governor. When I chaired the Education Committee in the Georgia House, a school in my district had some of the lowest reading scores in Georgia. Instead of blaming teachers, we asked them what they needed -- smaller class sizes, support technology, and 100% parental involvement. These tools allowed Saxon Heights Elementary to transform from having some of the state's lowest reading scores to achieving some of the highest in one year. And this Title 1 school has stayed at the top for twelve years. When I am Governor, we will do this statewide.

2. What do you expect to accomplish if elected?

As Governor, I will work with teachers to make Georgia's education system the envy of the nation. This transformation will move Georgia's economy forward. We will ensure the quality and the quantity of Georgia's water. We will bring passenger rail to this state. These changes will make Georgia viable for industry, providing Georgians with good jobs for years to come.

3. What distinguishes your candidacy?

I'm the only Democratic candidate who's a business owner, and the only major candidate on either side who is not from a metro area but has worked with the metropolitan parts of our state for sustainable growth. My unique experience -- a rural business-owning legislator who understands education and urban development needs -- uniquely positions me as someone who can solve Georgia's most pressing problems. I have visited all 159 counties in Georgia, discussing with local people their concerns and hopes for the state. I talk to more Georgians in a day than the pollsters do in a week.

4. What are the key issues in your race?

The key issues are: putting Georgians back to work, improving education, insisting on quality as well as quantity of water, building passenger rail to help solve the transportation gridlock in Atlanta, improving heavy rail from the ports, and making and keeping communities safe for our families. I have a plan to address each of these issues.

5. Pick one issue. Expand on how you will address it.

Education is why I am running for Governor. Our goal will be for every third-grader to read at grade level by the time they complete the third grade. We will also allow joint enrollment with technical and community colleges for 11th & 12th graders, so our young people will graduate high school and be trained for a job. Georgia classroom teachers have not had the support of the Governor's office in twelve years. When I am elected Governor, I'll give teachers the tools they need to succeed. Together we will make Georgia's education system the envy of the nation.

6. Give a 100 word summary of your background.

Born and raised in Dublin, Georgia. Graduated from Davidson College and Cumberland School of Law. At 28, elected to the Georgia State House of Representatives. Served as Floor Leader for Governor Zell Miller, Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives, House Democratic Leader, and Chair of Education and Higher Education Committees. Married to Carol Dodd of Wrightsville for 26 years with four sons: Stephen, 24; Guyton, 21; and twins Asa and Inman, 20. Eagle Scout, along with all four sons. Active members of First United Methodist Church, Dublin.