155 teachers not rehired over performance

SUWANEE -- The contracts for about 1 percent of Gwinnett County Public Schools' teacher work force were recommended for nonrenewal this spring.

Nonrenewal is a process the school system goes through each spring, spokeswoman Sloan Roach said. If the school system decides not to rehire a teacher for the next school year, the contract is recommended for nonrenewal.

Out of the district's 11,000 teachers, the contracts for 155 were recommended for nonrenewal this spring, Roach said.

Unlike some neighboring school districts, the recommendations to not renew some teachers' contracts were not affected by the current economic situation, Roach said.

The decisions would have been made in good economic times as well as bad.

In Gwinnett, nonrenewal is a decision that is solely "based on performance-related issues observed in the classroom or at the local school level," Roach said. "There are a wide range of activities that can go into that."

Of the 155 teachers recommended for nonrenewal, 139 were in their first three years of teaching, Roach said.

A number of the teachers chose to resign, and the contracts for 63 were actually nonrenewed, Roach said.

Roach added that the school system has already hired more teachers than the number that were recommended for nonrenewal. As of last week, the school system had hired 349 teachers and still had about 50 vacancies to fill.

"The answer (to whether we've had a reduction in force) is clearly seen in that we're hiring more teachers than were nonrenewed," Roach said.