NATION IN BRIEF: BP removes Hayward from spill oversight

Photo by Alex Brandon

Photo by Alex Brandon

BP removes Hayward from spill oversight

NEW ORLEANS -- BP removed Chief Executive Tony Hayward from day-to-day oversight of the Gulf oil spill crisis a day after he was pummeled by lawmakers in an appearance on Capitol Hill, the company's chairman said Friday.

Carl-Henric Svanberg told Britain's Sky News television that Hayward ''is now handing over the operations, the daily operations to (BP Managing Director) Bob Dudley,'' overshadowing news that after many setbacks BP was finally making real progress in siphoning and burning off oil from the underwater gusher.

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen announced earlier Friday that a newly expanded containment system is capturing or incinerating more than 1 million gallons of oil daily, the first time it has approached its peak capacity. And the system will soon grow. By late June, the oil giant hopes it can keep nearly 90 percent of the flow from hitting the ocean.

Walgreen and CVS strike deal, avoiding split

NEW YORK -- CVS Caremark Corp. and Walgreen Co. have settled a dispute that threatened to change where millions of Americans can fill prescriptions.

The companies, which said Friday they have agreed on a multiyear deal but did not disclose its terms, were battling over the amounts Caremark reimburses Walgreen for filling prescriptions for Caremark patients.

Shares of both companies rose Friday.

Walgreen and CVS do billions of dollars in business together each year, as Walgreen is the largest U.S. drugstore operator and CVS's Caremark is the third largest prescription benefits manager. It handled drug benefits for about 53 million people last year. At the same time, the CVS drug store chain is Walgreen's top competitor.

Koppel's son died from overdose of drugs, alcohol

NEW YORK -- The son of former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel, who was found dead in a stranger's apartment after a day of bar-hopping, overdosed on a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol, the medical examiner's office said Friday.

Andrew Koppel's May 31 death was ruled an accident. He died from acute intoxication due to the combined effects of alcohol; heroin; cocaine; diazepam, the generic form of Valium; and Levamisole, a drug used to cut other drugs, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the city medical examiner's office. Police had said no criminality was suspected.

The 40-year-old Koppel had been out most of May 30 drinking heavily with Russell Wimberly. Wimberly, who initially said they had met for the first time that day, said Friday they had known each other about a month. He would not comment further.

Tipsy officer fires gun into squad car floor

DALLAS -- A Dallas police officer is on leave after firing her gun into a squad car floor when colleagues tried to drive her home from a bar where she'd drank too much while off duty.

Officer Kelly Beemer also faces a misdemeanor charge of discharging a weapon.

Video from a squad car camera shows two officers escorting Beemer to the vehicle Wednesday night. Inside, one of them tells Beemer they just want to get her home.

Man arraigned in relatives' slayings

WOBURN, Mass. -- A man accused of killing his wife, two children and mother-in-law in their suburban Boston home pleaded not guilty Friday as his lawyer said he may use an insanity defense.

Thomas Mortimer IV, who was brought him into Woburn District Court wearing a bulletproof vest, was ordered held without bail.

Not-guilty pleas to four charges of first-degree murder were entered for Mortimer during his arraignment Friday morning.

Obama tells G-20 to seal recovery

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is appealing to the world's major economies not to waver in their efforts to support a sustained rebound from the near collapse of the global economic system in the fall of 2008.

''We must act together to strengthen the recovery,'' Obama said in his letter to other leaders of the Group of 20 major industrial countries, written in advance of next week's summit meeting in Toronto.

Obama called on the other nations to ''reaffirm our unity of purpose to provide the policy support necessary to keep economic growth strong.''