LETTERS: Bannister owed a chance to share his viewpoint

I was at the trash protest this past Saturday (“Protestors missed out by shouting down Bannister,” June 16, Page 6A) and I agree that an opportunity was wasted. Quite frankly I was embarrassed. Embarrassed for Chairman Charles Bannister, embarrassed for the people of Gwinnett and embarrassed for those who heckled the chairman.

Although the brunt of the heckling that was done after a few minutes was done by a few in the crowd, it was still an embarrassment.

I am not in favor of the decision that the commissioners have made regarding trash collection, but I also have not put in the time to carefully study their options given the limitations from the legal constraints. But I will make a point now to visit with the chairman, and I invite those who heckled him to do the same or to come along with me as long as they put the heckling aside and discuss the issue as adults.

I congratulate Bannister for taking the time and showing the courage to step into the lion’s den and put up with complete disrespect for him, the office and the people of Gwinnett.

— Butch Poss