Gwinnett scraps plan for second recycling center

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Commissioners scrapped a plan to build a second recycling center in Gwinnett on Tuesday.

The board voted to give money back to lenders from a 2008 bond issuance of $14,495,000 for the project, after a new county trash plan made the construction no longer necessary, Finance Director Aaron Bovos said.

The first rewrite of the county's garbage plan contained provisions that would have made recycling mandatory for households. But that plan was struck down in court in late 2008.

This year, officials agreed to a new plan, which will give every county homeowner a recycling bin but does not mandate that they use it. The plan, which divides the county into zones with one trash hauler assigned to each zone, takes effect July 1.

Bovos said the new policy will likely mean an increase in recycling but will not create the volume that would make a new recycling center pay for itself, through the sale of the recyclables.

In 2008, while the new center was in the planning stages, a fire destroyed the Recycling Bank of Gwinnett on Satellite Boulevard. That center has since been rebuilt and will continue to accept recycled materials.