LETTERS: Solid waste program goes from bad to worse

Dear Mr. Bannister, et. al.:

I am opposed to the way the Board of Commissioners rammed the solid waste and recycling program down residents’ throats, and now I’m even more frustrated after receiving the letter from the Department of Financial Services providing information on the program. Why? Because of the thinly veiled manipulation to extract another $120 per year for yard waste collection. Very clever splitting the summer right down the middle. It would have benefited the taxpayers to either allow elected/selected pickups or made the cycle May through October and November through April.

My frustration stems from you and the board usurping taxpayers’ free choice on who to use, method of payment, etc. I worked hard to reduce my mortgage payment, and now you have increased all that I have worked diligently to reduce by adding the increased millage tax and waste program to my property tax bill.

An 18-month, $321.48 increase is not a good bill for many families who have children going back to school in the fall. Not sure all of you were thinking about your constituents. I’m not happy that all of you ignored the tax base and its inputs. No one on the board should count on my support in the future. None you have demonstrated that you listen to or follow your constituents’ inputs on this issue or others that I have observed.

— LeRoy Garcia