Two indicted in murder cases

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Grand jurors handed down indictments against two men accused in separate Gwinnett killings from February and 2008.

One bill accuses Miguel Elorza, 41, with fatally shooting 17-year-old Alberto Coreas in November 2008.

Elorza faces counts of felony murder, murder and three counts of aggravated assault -- one for each teen in the car he allegedly fired into.

Atlanta police arrested Elorza last month after pulling him over for running a red light and finding him wanted on outstanding warrants. Police said the former Lawrenceville resident had been on the lam since the night he fired into the carload of teenagers.

Elorza is accused of shooting Coreas once in the head, killing him as he tried to flee from Elorza's Sir Scott Court home in a Nissan. The victim had reportedly come to the house with two other teens to beat up Elorza's son, who they suspected was a rival gang member.

After Elorza fired several shots into the fleeing car -- killing Coreas and grazing the head of 14-year-old Fabien Rivera -- he vanished, police said. The third teen in the car was uninjured.

Police suspected at least one of the teens in the car could have been affiliated with the street gang "Norenos-13," or "N-13."

Coreas crashed into a Chevrolet Blazer parked nearby, where responding police found them moments later.

Grand jurors also indicted Norcross resident Marcus Dewayne Huff, accused of fatally stabbing a Duluth man more than 30 times in February.

Huff turned himself in to a DeKalb County police officer in March after two months on the run, police said.

Officers discovered 42-year-old Daniel Aftowski's partially covered body while performing a welfare check at his Arbor Drive apartment. Authorities have hinted that the two men knew each other and that Huff didn't immediately leave the apartment after the killing.

Police said the killing resulted from a dispute that escalated out of control.

Huff was indicted on counts of felony murder, murder and aggravated assault.