Peachtree Road Baptist Church preacher retires after 45 years

Dr. Preston Moore stepped down as the pastor of Peachtree Road Baptist Church after preaching for 45 years.

Moore, 77, started at the church on June 13, 1965, after filling in for a temporary pastor for three days. During his tenure, the church grew from a 21/2 plot with one small building to 50 acres of several buildings.

"It's been a wonderful life for 45 years at Peachtree Baptist Church," Moore said. "We look forward to it continuing to grow and prosper as it has in the past."

His successor is Jay Reed, a 37-year-old third generation pastor who was unanimously voted by the church as the new leader in March. He insisted that Moore stay on as co-pastor until his 45th anniversary.

For the past nine years, Reed served as the Director of Student Ministries at Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Ill. His new position was first offered to the pastor of his old church, who turned it down and recommended Reed for the job.

"People have said don't try to fill (Moore's) shoes, just fill yours," said Reed. "He is a legend not just in the church but in this whole area."

Moore still lives in one of the church's pastoral houses. He plans to preach at revivals and conferences across the eastern coast as long as he's physically able.

The church will have a celebration for their new pastor and his family on Aug. 15.