NATION IN BRIEF: Oil leak pollutes Michigan river

The Associated Press. A worker lifts oil-covered debris from the Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek, Mich., on Tuesday. The oil leaked from a pipeline that carries about 8 million gallons of oil per day.

The Associated Press. A worker lifts oil-covered debris from the Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek, Mich., on Tuesday. The oil leaked from a pipeline that carries about 8 million gallons of oil per day.

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Crews were working Tuesday to contain and clean up more than 800,000 gallons of oil that poured into a creek and flowed into the Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan, coating birds and fish.

Authorities in Battle Creek and Emmett Township were warning residents about the strong odor from the oil, which leaked Monday from a 30-inch pipeline that carries about 8 million gallons of oil per day from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia, Ontario.

Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge Inc.'s affiliate Enbridge Energy Partners LP of Houston estimated more than 800,000 gallons of oil spilled into Talmadge Creek before the company could stop the flow. Enbridge crews and contractors deployed oil skimmers and absorbent booms to minimize its environmental impact.

As of Tuesday afternoon, oil was reported in about 16 miles of the Kalamazoo River downstream of the spill, Mary Dettloff, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Teens charged in videotaped death

NEWARK, N.J. -- Dusk fell around Salvadoran immigrant Abelino Mazaniego as he sat on a bench on a promenade in an upscale New York suburb after finishing up his restaurant shift. As night encroached, so did a group of teenagers, including one with a cell phone videocamera at the ready.

Then, authorities say, they beat him unconscious, with the camera rolling.

Days later, the 47-year-old father of four was dead -- but not before the video had been circulated among teenagers in Summit, N.J., authorities say. And not before a nurse in the emergency room where he was taken the night of July 17 was accused of pilfering several hundred dollars from his wallet.

Texas man guilty of starving 3 kids

DALLAS -- A Texas man accused of starving three children and confining them to a squalid hotel bathroom for as long as nine months was convicted Tuesday of injury to a child and sexual assault.

Alfred Santiago, 38, who spent most of the trial scratching notes onto a yellow legal pad, dropped his head and closed his eyes when the judge read the Dallas jury's verdict. He faces up to life in prison.

The trial moved immediately into a sentencing phase.

The children were gaunt and filthy when they were found by police in July 2009 in a hotel alongside a busy Dallas highway. A doctor who treated them described the children as having sunken cheeks and flaky skin and said they emitted a repugnant odor.

Ruling reversed on polygamy leader

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Supreme Court on Tuesday reversed the convictions of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs and ordered a new trial, saying a jury received incorrect instructions before considering his role in the 2001 nuptials of a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old cousin.

Jeffs, 54, was convicted in 2007 of two counts of first-degree felony rape as an accomplice. He is serving two consecutive terms of five years to life in the Utah State Prison.

Jury considers beheader's fate

EDINBURG, Texas -- A 29-year-old man convicted of beheading his common-law wife's three children did not show remorse after the gruesome killings and was not a model inmate during an earlier stint on death row, prosecution witnesses told jurors Tuesday.

A day after the jury rejected an insanity defense and found John Allen Rubio guilty of four counts of capital murder, prosecutors argued that the only suitable punishment was death.

Brownsville Police officer John Jones drove Rubio from the city jail to the county jail a couple days after Rubio had killed Angela Camacho's children in a windowless downtown apartment. He testified that he was struck by Rubio's demeanor, which he described as ''jovial.''

Tornado kills 2 at Mont. farm

HELENA, Mont. -- A tornado ripped a family's farmhouse from its foundation in Montana's remote northeastern corner, killing two people and leaving neighbors and authorities to dig through the rubble to rescue a 71-year-old woman who was found next to her grandson's body. Her nephew was found dead 200 feet away.

Robert ''Robby'' Richardson, 10, and Steven D. Smith, 46, died of blunt-force head and chest injuries at the farm 13 miles west of Reserve on Monday night, Sheridan County Coroner David Fulkerson said.