WORLD: Brazil Indians free workers at protest site

Brazil Indians free workers at protest site

SAO PAULO -- Protesters on Monday released workers from the construction site of an Amazon hydroelectric plant that Indians say is being built on an ancient burial ground.

The Indians initially freed about 100 rank-and-file workers and later the last five senior employees who had been kept inside the Dardanelos plant in the city of Aripuana, national Indian bureau coordinator Antonio Carlos Ferreira Aquino said.

On Sunday, about 300 Indians from eight tribes blocked them from entering or leaving the construction site. The protesters are demanding compensation for what they consider an offense to their culture and traditions, and they released the workers after winning a meeting with authorities for talks on reparations.

2 car bombs kill 25 in Iraq

BAGHDAD -- Two car bombs targeting Shiite pilgrims during a religious festival in the holy city of Karbala killed 25 people on Monday, Iraqi police and hospital officials said. Sunni extremists are suspected.

Militants detonated two parked cars filled with explosives about two miles apart as crowds of pilgrims passed by. Police and medical officials in Karbala said 68 people were injured in the attacks.

The pilgrims were on their way to Karbala to take part in an important religious holiday, known as Shabaniyah, that attracts devout Shiites from around the country.

Experts slam organizers over German deaths

DUISBURG, Germany -- Prosecutors on Monday opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of 20 young adults who were trampled to death at the Love Parade, as experts accused the techno festival's organizers of ignoring Germany's exemplary safety standards and setting up a death trap.

Prosecutors did not specify who had been named as suspects in the negligent manslaughter probe. But organizers and authorities in the western city of Duisburg have come under fire for allegedly trying to squeeze as many as 1.4 million revelers into too small a space and for allowing the party to go on even after the deaths.

The tragedy Saturday happened near a jammed tunnel that was the only entrance to the festival grounds in an old freight railway station. Police said 511 people were injured.