Flasher arrested outside local dollar store

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police have charged a Lawrenceville man with exposing his genitals -- and his tongue -- to women and children outside a Dollar General last week.

Mark Dorough, 35, was charged with public indecency Thursday after his arrest near the 134 S. Clayton St. discount store.

A woman told police she'd gotten into her vehicle with her sister and two children, ages 2 and 4, when a man fitting Dorough's description walked in front of their car, unzipped his pants and stuck out his tongue, according to a Lawrenceville police report.

An officer stopped Dorough a few blocks away for questioning. Dorough told police he'd had a drink in downtown Lawrenceville, walked home near the business but denied any wrongdoing, the report says.

But one woman identified Dorough, which held more weight than his side of the story. He was arrested without incident.

Dorough remained jailed Monday on $2,400 bond. He's due in court on the misdemeanor charges Friday afternoon.