Duluth sponsors public art project

DULUTH -- The city of Duluth plans to honor its firefighters, police officers and residents who are military veterans through art.

The Duluth Fine Arts League is sponsoring a public art project and is asking artists to propose a piece of artwork that will serve as a living honorarium to these individuals and their commitment to service.

The idea for the project was conceived by former Duluth Mayor Shirley Lasseter and the artwork will be installed in front of the flagpole at the turnaround on Main Street.

"This honorarium should stand out as an epitaph for the city and Gwinnett County," Lasseter said. "While we have (firefighters, police officers and veterans), I want them to know they are appreciated and loved for jobs well accomplished."

The project is open to artists living in the southeastern United States working in any medium. Up to five individual artists or teams of artists will be selected as semifinalists and will be asked to present a detailed, written proposal and a small-scale model of the proposed artwork. Semifinalists will receive an honorarium of $500 to prepare and present the proposal in person. The winning artist or team will receive a $50,000 commission to produce the piece.

Information on the project is available online at www.artsduluth.org/living-honorarium.html. The deadline to submit preliminary proposals is Sept. 15.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Freeman by e-mailing jennifer@mosaicodyssey.com or calling 404-683-4288.