New Jersey police release info on Suwanee CEO's shooting

New information regarding Friday’s police-related fatal shooting of a Suwanee man in New Jersey was made public Tuesday.

DeFarra “Dean” Gaymon, 48, was in Newark last weekend for his 30-year high school reunion. A run- in with an plainclothes police officer left him dead.

According to information released by the Essex County, N.J., prosecutor’s office Tuesday, the undercover officer that shot Gaymon made an earlier, unrelated arrest at Newark’s Branch Brook Park, during which he realized he had lost a pair of handcuffs.

Going back into the woods to retrace his steps, the officer said, he was approached by Gaymon, who was “engaged in a sex act at the time.”

After the officer identified himself as such, Gaymon “appeared to panic, assaulted the police officer and fled,” prosecutors said. A foot chase ensued, at which time Gaymon reportedly “repeatedly threatened to kill the officer.”

According to the police officer, Gaymon then lunged at him, attempting to disarm him while reaching into his own pocket.

The officer fired. Gaymon was pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen three hours later.

The police officer, not identified because he works undercover, has not yet been cleared to return to work. He was on medication and under a doctor’s care over the weekend, the release said.

A grand jury will decide if any charges will be brought against the eight-year veteran of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.

Gaymon, a father of four, was the CEO of the Credit Union of Atlanta. The opening page of its website Tuesday shared this message: “We are deeply saddened at the loss of Mr. Gaymon and offer our most sincere sympathy to the Gaymon family.”

Members of the Gaymon family could not be reached Tuesday.