LETTERS: Legal experience would help make Fair Tax the law

Your thoughtful article, “Fair Tax becomes GOP dogma in Georgia election,” highlighted an important dynamic in the race to fill Rep. John Linder’s seat.

The 111th Congress has produced more far-reaching legislation than any in recent memory, and Linder’s successor will inherit a complex body of new laws passed during stressful times. So it is surprising that only two of the nine major-party candidates for the seat have come into public service with legal training.

Campaign rhetoric such as the tea party’s may well reflect genuine frustration with administration policy. Yet a script of anti-establishment sound bites do not serve the 7th District any better. Linder’s 2005 groundswell on the Fair Tax arose from over a decade of experience and authority in Congress. By contrast, his freshman successor will need to understand the law and its implications, not try to rewrite it ideologically.

— Saurabh Vishnubhakat