19 Gwinnett educators named Master Teachers

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Gov. Sonny Perdue recently announced the names of 131 teachers who have earned the Master Teacher certification this year, a designation based on appreciable gains in student achievement. Of those, 19 work for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

"There are now 599 Master Teachers in Georgia who have demonstrated their expertise in helping our children achieve at higher levels," Perdue said. "They are masters at inspiring students to learn, and I am proud to recognize their tireless efforts and collective success in improving student achievement."

Georgia's Master Teacher Certification Program was championed by Perdue during the 2005 legislative session and is coordinated by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. It provides statewide recognition to certified public school teachers in Georgia who have at least three years of teaching experience and who consistently demonstrate instructional excellence through student achievement.

Master Teachers are eligible to automatically renew their teaching certificates as long as they continue to qualify for Master Teacher status.

Below are the names of the Gwinnett teachers who earned the Master Teacher certification in 2010:

* Teresa Allen Bitterman

* Lori H. Bowen

* Patricia Ferguson Burgess

* Carolyn Sutton Cremer

* Dana L. Griffith

* Angela Guthrie

* Helon L. Hogan

* Sally A. Hollyfield

* Suzanne Dillard Hood

* Susan Elyse Hyzer

* Linda Holloway LaPerre

* Christine Ann Loughman

* Jessica Marshall

* James William Mozley

* Janice Willis Parker

* Shannon Sesco Penick

* Kelly Ann Sloan

* Rori Smith

* Marian Joiner Stalvey

Georgia Scholars title bestowed on 11 GCPS grads

Eleven recent graduates of GCPS caught the attention of officials at the Georgia Department of Education, earning them recognition as Georgia Scholars.

The Georgia Scholars program honors graduating high school seniors from across the state who demonstrate excellence both in the classroom and out in the school community.

This year's Georgia Scholars from GCPS are:

* Justin Aspinwall, Norcross High

* Justin Davis, Dacula High

* Jane Jurma, Grayson High

* Jessica Lukasik, Grayson High

* Midhun Mathew, Mill Creek High

* Sonia Mathew, Brookwood High

* Alison McIntosh, Grayson High

* Stephanie Millingen, Norcross High

* Jarrett Morgan, Grayson High

* Anna Simmons, Grayson High

* Steven Zwick, Mill Creek High

These graduates were selected based on a competitive application process which began early in their senior year. The Georgia Department of Education reviewed the students' SAT and ACT college entrance exam scores, grade point average and credits earned, along with their extracurricular activities and leadership initiatives in their local communities.

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